New Medical Complex The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Completion: 2001
The New Medical Faculty Complex will provide a much improved facility for the pre-clinical and clinical research departments. The scheme divides the facility into two zones of accommodation, separating laboratory space from non-laboratory space. Building heights and floor plates are designed to minimise the vertical transportation of large student groups. Emergency exit routes and associated cores are positioned on the periphery to maximise uninterrupted floor area. The laboratory building is rectangular and based on a 1.5 by 1.5 metre planning grid which is reflected in the structural frame and window frames. This grid allows modular planning which, in turn, provides layout flexibility. The non-laboratory building's curved form maximises views out of the site and has facilitated the construction of a central, semi-circular garden within the built enviornment. The plan area reduces progressively on the upper floors, creating a stepped profile which allows sunlight into the garden. The new development will be a self contained complex housing the whole Medical Faculty, including support and teaching/research activitites and a Clinical Research Centre which will total approximately 50,000 sq.m.